Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am still sitting on the fence about this. I vaccinated Oliver...I started late at I think 6 months. Not sure what I am going to do next. But definetly some good information and reading. Even from the comments, man I agree with some things from both sides, its hard.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily Schedules.

I used schedules with the kids that I worked with often. Well now its time, I want to use them with my two year old. Mike and I saw this idea on Dragons Den this week. I really like it, for the most part. But I am determined to come up with my own useable version...still trying to formulate how exactly I am going to come up with it, but the idea is coming.

Oliver loves Dora, and Dora always has an adventure and there are 2 stops and then she arrives at the destination, and they repeat this process every episode. Mike started talking to Oliver the same way, for example. "Oliver we are going to the university, past the bridge, and to daycare!"  It helped him to focus on journey and that there are steps, we have now started doing the same thing at home.
"Oliver we are going to eat lunch, take a nap, and then play with trains."

Usually this helps him to get over the fact that he doesnt want to take a nap. So I am excited to take it to a visual level and set it up with him everyday so he knows what to expect. I am really hoping that it takes away the tears about bedtime, because he knows that it will be coming!

What do you do to organize your day?


Not sure about anyone else but I getsick of eating broccoli.
So I decided to chop it up really fine and just start adding it to things. Like meatloaf, quesadillas, rice. Also getting Oliver to eat more rice this way too.


Finally after buying the fabric in October, with the help of my wonderful mother I was able tofinish my curtains and they look so wonderful!
Thanks mom!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cloth diapers...again!

I am excited to start the cloth diaper experience with Malakai, hoping it will be a good experience. We will see how it goes, to begin, I new I needed to clean my diapers again since they haven't been used in months and I wanted to make sure they were clean and free of nasties. I found this blog and decided to try their process.... and so far. It seemed to work great.

Basically, you add blue dawn dish soap (1 tsp for HE washers, and 1 tbsp for top loaders) and 1/2 cup of bleach to your wash cycle. You then rinse your diapers for atleast two more rinse cycles, and watch to see if they are sudding, if they are still making suds, keep rinsing. Wash them on the hottest setting your washer has. (Note: I only did this to my inserts, not the actual diaper.)

Goodluck! Hope it works for your diapers.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crockpot Freezer Meals

This has got to be one of the best ideas ever!!! seriously!! I have loved using them, they make dinner so easy and its still a fresh meal but in half the time. I don't always use them in the crock pot, sometimes it works to fry them up on the stove as well, depending on your timing.

Here are a few links. Another favorite is fajita chicken.

I plan to do a round of these soon.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Smart Steamer on this kitchen tool!!!

I am hoping to put in an order of at least $100, if not more to keep my consultant status by January 27, 2014. 

They have some great deals on right now. 

Modular Mates (pantry storage) is on sale right now 35-40% off…see PDF attached.

January Sale flyer has a few of my favourite items on sale

Smart steamer - check out this you tube video to learn more. $83, regular price $139

Healthy on the go salad set $16

Soup and Salad set - $79

Quick Shake $10 (new design and colour)

see PDF for more info, sale ends Jan 27!!